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Based in Purley - Covering Surrey and South London
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I see Coaching clients in both London and Surrey, visiting homes and offices as well as from my practice in Purley, near Croydon.

What is Coaching all about?
Coaching can help you prioritise, focus and commit to achieving you goals.  It helps you set targets and plan how you can achieve your aims.  These goals can be personal or professional. The techniques will help you achieve your potential.
If you find yourself wishing things were different, wanting greater motivation or needing to improve your focus then Coaching can help you.
The key to successful change is Goal Setting.  
By setting yourself immediate, medium term and long term goals it is easier to continue moving forward.  Making small but consistent changes to your behaviour and the way you think will bring long-lasting improvements to your productivity, success and outlook. Goal setting keeps you focus and motivated.  It makes your goals and aims clear and concrete, which makes them easier to achieve.
Coaching can help you understand and then implement the traits and habits of highly successful people.  Success, be it in interpersonal relationships, business, or any area of life, relies upon reacting to the changes that are going on around you.  Our lives are in a constant state of flux and you need to be able to notice the changes and then react to them to continue to succeed.  Successful people identify problems or obstacles and then put new strategies into place to over come them.  You can learn to change your outlook so you view change and problems as challenges and opportunities to improve.TagCloudJavaPOSITIVETHINKING(HEAD)(GREEN)
Is it all about Positive Thinking?
No.  Positive thinking has its place, but you need Positive Action!   Being able to convert your aims and desires into real life changes is key.  Just thinking about what you want to achieve doesn’t get you anywhere.  You need to act! If you’re not satisfied with the way things are now, you need to start doing things differently.

I offer Coaching as a course of 6 sessions for the special price of £370 (that’s £50 off) or on an ad hoc basis for £70 per hour.  Sessions take place at my practice in Purley (near Croydon)  but I can visit your office or home by arrangement.

Email or call me if you want to find out how Coaching can help you.