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Hypnobirthing. Taking the stress out of childbirth.

pregnant-coupleSo, what is hypnobirthing all about?
Hypnobirthing uses hypnotherapy techniques to help you prepare yourself for labour.  It can teach you how to remain calm and relaxed throughout the entire birth process. Calm and relaxed mothers experience less pain and quicker births, which can only be a good thing right?
How many horror stories have you been told about other people’s experiences of childbirth?   
I bet it’s loads.
Midwives, antenatal classes, pregnancy books, birth videos, online forums and even friends and relatives can all be the source of negative information, convincing pregnant mothers that they should expect the worst. Well, if you expect the worst then you will be tense and stressed out before labour even starts. 
By using hypnobirthing techniques, pregnant mums can stay calm and feel in control throughout the birth. You can learn how to distract yourself from the pain of contractions and reduce the need for pain relief.  The techniques help you to be able to trust your body and to go with the flow, rather than struggling against it.  After all, giving birth is what the female body was designed to do! 
mum-and-drSo, what happens during hypnobirthing sessions?
Hypnobirthing typically involves three sessions. A birthing partner is also welcome to attend.
Session 1
This first session can be taken at any point from 25 weeks of pregnancy. It involves an overview of hypnobirthing, a chat about your specific situation and concerns and then a hypnotherapy session to teach you deep relaxation and self-hypnosis skills including:
  • Deep breathing relaxation techniques
  • Promoting high quality sleep
  • Feeling calm and relaxed about the prospect of childbirth
  • Promoting confidence
  • Enjoying the remainder of your pregnancy
 Session 2
This session is scheduled for about 2 weeks after session 1.   This session is all about feeling in control   I teach practical skills to help you deal with contractions in a natural, calm way. By using these incredibly effective visualisation and relaxation techniques you will be able to stay relaxed and allow the birth to take its course in the quickest and most natural way. By relaxing your mind, you also relax your body, allowing it to do what it needs to do.
I also provide you with a CD for you to listen to at home. The CD will reinforce to your subconscious mind and body that you can be calm and relaxed throughout the birth.
mum-and-babySession 3
In this session we will focus on positive visualisation of the birth. By visualising the birth process in a positive way, you are preparing your mind and body for the event and promoting a confident and calm state of mind so you can look forward to the birth with anticipation rather than trepidation or fear. 
This session will also focus on any specific areas important to you, for example:
  • Concerns about healing
  • Breast feeding
  • Baby blues and Post natal depression
  • Weight loss after the birth
 For an informal chat about hypnobirthing or to just find out if it is right for you, please give me a call to discuss it further.