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Teens and Children

family2Teens and children suffer stress, just as adults do, only they have fewer coping strategies and the stress can cause long lasting issues such as insecurity, poor self-esteem or behavioural problems.
I work with children from the age of 7 upwards, helping them to deal with emotional problems, phobias, family conflict or upheaval, exam stress, illness, anger management and pressure. The young people I work with often appreciate being able to talk freely about their concerns with someone outside of the family and school network.
I teach children and teens how to cope with their problems in a more appropriate and constructive way by feeling calm and in control, thinking rationally, analysing their behaviour and understanding consequences of their actions. Young people often feel that they have little control or autonomy in their lives and this is a key issue. By helping them to realise that they do have control over their feelings and actions, they are able to select more appropriate behaviours and reactions. They feel emotionally stronger and empowered, and this has a lasting positive effect on their behaviour and state of mind.
Exams and StressExam stress and school pressure – This is a common issue, especially at GCSE and A Level. I work directly one-to-one with teenagers in their own home using visualisation and relaxation techniques so they can feel calm and relaxed before and during their exams, allowing them to perform to the best of their ability. I also reinforce to them that they can rely on their memory and brain to serve them well so they do not need to worry that their mind will going blank during a test or exam. I also help teens to improve their motivation to study, increase focus and reinforce goal setting so they can work toward their academic goals in a confident manner, and I help with revision planning and strategy.
Anger and behavioural problems – I teach teens and children how to identify the triggers for anger and behavioural problems, and then apply techniques which allow them to redirect their behaviour to a more appropriate response. I also use off-loading exercises and guided visualisation to help children feel in control of their feelings and be able to identify and understand that their emotional responses are not set in stone and that they can make real changes. This is often very empowering as children and teens often feel that they are slaves to their emotions or hormones.
Phobias – I teat childhood phobias in a similar way to the adult treatment method, but using specifically selected imagery, visualisation and language to make the therapy more suitable for younger people.
Sleep Issues  – Hypnotherapy can treat insomnia and sleep issues in a safe and easy way. By helping your child to sleep better, they can perform better at school and deal with other hurdles in a much stronger way.

Many other specific behavioural issues can be treated including:

  • Nail biting
  • Blushing
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Coping with separation or divorce
  • Bed wetting
Please feel free to email me or telephone me to discuss your child’s situation in confidence, to find out if hypnotherapy or coaching could be of benefit to your family.

I am happy to visit you at  home for treatment at no additional cost (location dependent) or I offer treatment at my practice in Purley, near Croydon. 

Sessions cost £70.00