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Hypnotherapy can help you to eat like a naturally slim person.


The principle is simple: 

Eat when you’re hungry. 

Stop when you’re full.


scalesHypnotherapy can help you to lose that excess weight and feel fantastic as a result. I will help you understand why you keep on practising all those bad eating habits so you will be able to regain control and gain a healthy and happy relationship with food.

Long term overeating means you lose control and appreciationof the ‘Full’ signal.  This is because it’s been ignored for too long.  It is quite possible to reset your appetite so you can recognise the ‘full’ signal and act on it. Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. Sounds simple!  It is.

You can:

  • Stop unwanted snacking

  • Stop compulsive or emotional eating

  • Control your portion size

  • Choose to eat healthier foods

  • Be in control of food rather than it being in control of you.


WeightBy losing just a pound a week you could lose over three and a half stone in a year.  I help clients achieve a steady weight loss, as their body adjusts itself towards a healthy natural weight by only eating the calories the body needs to get through  the day.

Small changes over time amount to a  big difference!

I set me clients achievable goals that they can stick to.  It;s not a magic fix.  It;s about learning to listen to and respond to your body’s needs appropriately.  You can still eat chocolate or the occasional takeaway or have a beer or a glass of wine, but you need to look at the big picture and make sensible choices.

How many sessions do clients typically need?

It depends how much weight you want to lose.  I see some clients for just 2 or 3 sessions to help them lose a few pounds or change a specific habit.  I see some other clients long term to support them throughout their continued weightloss journey. 

I offer a Weight Control course of 6 sessions.  These sessions treat control issues, identifying problem areas, promoting desire to exercise, boosting motivation and controlling portion size.  These session take place over a 3 month period, helping clients make lasting changes to the way the think, feel and act with regard to food.

If you book and pay for 6 sessions in advance you will receive a £50 discount.

A single hour Weight Control session costs £70.00
A Course of 6 sessions (with £50 discount)  costs £370.00

Sessions take place at my practice in Purley, near Croydon.